X Vision, the power of control in every phase of your business

X Vision provides IT manager with a tool that integrates perfectly into the company IT structure, respecting the standards of products for Microsoft operating systems. So you have a "well behaved" application, able to work on the network, with low consumption of resources, running fromWindows XP to Windows Server including embedded versions. X Vision is a Scada application development platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's software and networking architectures.

RDS support

X Vision provides full support for Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services) on computers running Windows Server, allowing client access from fixed and mobile devices, even non-Windows.
With RDS, you do not need to install any software on client machines, significantly reducing the time for deployment and any reinstallation following the replacement of the computer.

Load Balancing

The RDS solution generates load on the server and may limit scalability. However, it is possible to move part of the load to web clients. Our web client is highly scalable, low-consumption server resources as it does not use Remote Desktop technologies, works on any modern browser and is independent of the device and the underlying operating system.

X Vision Web Client

It is the web evolution of our supervision software, a real leap into the post-pc era that combines advanced web technologies with the solid hmi / scada platform of X Vision. X Vision Web Client offers the operator the same experience on both fixed and mobile devices, drastically reducing training time and increasing user satisfaction.

Highly scalable web solution

X Vision web client uses only vectorial web technologies (such as SVG) for the web visualization of the synoptic pages, with the advantage of being able to run virtually on any fixed or mobile device without the installation of any software or app and therefore of no configuration! Our web client is based on vectorial graphics executed on the client device side, and is highly scalable because it does not rely on Remote Desktop technologies.

Immediate deployment

X Vision web client does not require any software to be installed and configured on the fixed or mobile device! The user only needs to know the URL of the service to start working.

Safe product

X Vision Web Client communicates with secure https protocol, and only needs to open port 443 in the firewall! User authentication and authorization are integrated into X Vision and do not require further administrative actions. All operator operations are controlled and recorded, and unauthorized resources can not be accessed.

Advanced security

The commands are all executed on the server side and attempts to tampering the code (for example by accessing the browser development functions) can never be successful.

Internet Information Service (IIS)

Our web solution is based on Microsoft IIS, and can also be run on a computer running MS Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8.1 Professional or Windows 10 Pro, embedded versions supported.