Creativity in software

An X Vision that knows how to look far and that allows the system integrator to improve their own imagination.

Flexible product

With X Vision you have an open and flexible product, able to adapt to any application need thanks to an architecture predisposed to integration. The open architecture of X Vision allows you to seamlessly integrate special functions created with scripts or external programs.

Online Editing

With X Vision development and runtime are unified! No interruption between editing and runtime, no annoying recompilation! All in a secure environment where every sensitive change to the database is intercepted and filtered awaiting confirmation.

Advanced graphics

Create great impact applications in a short period of time has never been so easy! X Vision 7 provides a new graphics engine with antialiasing for more realistic and eye-catching screens. There are high-definition, high-quality professional symbols libraries, scalable as you like without ever losing quality and smart symbols that are configured with just a few clicks. All in an intuitive and agile environment, self explaining, which reduces learning time.

One Button Project Check

The new exclusive function that allows you to analyze the entire project with just one click, detecting configuration anomalies, locating them immediately and resolving them in a few successive clicks.

Really interactive cross reference

Our Cross Reference allows you to explore the use of items in the whole project in an interactive way. Just click on the list and immediately open the resource that uses the selected item, locating its position.

Operating and communication statistics

X Vision engines are equipped with operating statistics that allow the immediate detection of anomalies and the tuning of the application. The drivers are equipped with communication statistics that help the integrator to solve the communciation problems with field devices.

Professional support

Crickets Automation also ensures a highly professional personalized support both in the analysis phase and in the after-sales phases such as development, installation and maintenance. Support often provided directly by the technicians who designed and implemented X Vision!

IT friendly

X Vision was created to work with Microsoft operating systems in order to take full advantage of its potential and is therefore easily integrated into company information systems. X Vision adheres to the main standards available on the market.