X Vision features list

X Vision is a complete HMI / SCADA software with features designed to help you build professional supervision systems. Build projects, check them quickly with One Button Project Chek and do more, faster with X Vision!

Project manager

The project manager now allows better cataloging of projects, also organized by customer.

Multilingual development environment

X Vision meets the challenge of the global market and becomes multilingual even for the development environment now available in Italian and English, but enabled for translation in virtually every language. One version, multiple languages: with each project opening, you can select the current language from those available.

Online editing

Online editing is one of the most interesting features for productivity. X Vision combines runtime and development, without distinction and without interruption on the same computer. For example you can edit a page and see it online without even having to save it.

No compilation of the project

No frustrating waiting before seeing changes online! Just one click and the page is immediately online even without saving it, significantly reducing development time and stress.

New expression editor

Expressions are one of the most useful and convenient features of the X Vision system: they allow you to control an animation (or other X Vision features) using a boolean or mathematical expression between items (tags) and eliminate the need for build support items for intermediate calculations. The writing of the expressions is assisted by a new specialized editor, which allows the recall of available functions and operators , as well as the selection and creation of items. All in a guided and extremely friendly way.

New graphics engine

Anti-aliasing graphics that amplify the expressive capabilities of synoptic pages. The new graphic engine introduces the anti-aliasing graphics for more defined and soft images, which overcome the scaling of polylines and curves, thus obtaining graphic pages of great impact.


The new gauge animation is characterized by a captivating and professional graphics with over 40 predefined templates, expandable and freely customizable. The WYSISWYG (What You See Is What You Get) property editor allows the gauge to be edited directly on the page, making it easier to personalize it in harmony with the context.


The trend viewer animation has been enhanced and improved graphically, increasing its expressive capacity. Now there is a WISIWYG editor of the properties that allows editing the animation directly in the context of the page. There are over 10 pre-defined templates, expandable and fully customizable, as well as suggested themes for color variations.

HD Symbol library

Over 1200 high-quality symbols drawn in high definition, simply perfect for your projects. The high definition draw allows the optimal resizing of the symbols themselves.

Smart symbols

Designed for labor intensive projects, the intelligent symbols have their own customizable logic to gather information for their configuration.


The Real Time Data Base (RTDB) is the heart of the X Vision system, and allows the normalization of signals and states from the field into elements (items) independent of the peripheral to which they are connected.
RTDB has been designed to handle large quantities of signals in real time.

Import / export and item generator

The real-time database has functionality for exporting / importing data in CSV format, thanks to which the user can modify or create databases in a very short time using a common text editor. A wizard is available for the automatic construction of item series.

Live item list

The realtime database is managed using a grid (freely customizable by the user) with sorting functions for multiple columns and with selection filters. The grid allows the display of item data, their real-time value and lets changing this.


The system integrates a powerful scripting engine, capable of processing scripts in VisualBasic VBA and VB.NET compatible languages, used to manage background, page and object procedures. From the scripts you can access all the elements and services of the system, including the page object model. Script debugging can be done step by step directly in the editor.


Wizards are scripts defined and called by the user to perform specific functions useful for the development of the project. For example, a wizard can create the realtime database from the configuration file of a device (plc or control unit), or create a page, or perform editing actions on an entire project.


For the most demanding requirements it is possible to write programs that interface directly to the X Vision engines through API (Application Programming Interface). APIs can be easily calledfrom any programming language that supports Active X technology and / or dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).

Control and Diagnostics

X Vision supports the developer's work with important pro-active control and diagnostic functions available at the time the project is edited. Errors are detected and blocked immediately during editing.
Finally, engines operating statistics help the developer to remove anomalies faster and to operate tuning for critical functionality.

One Button Project Check

Check the project has never been so easy! Just one click and you can check the entire project by detecting missing references. All the anomalies detected are placed in an interactive list from which it is possible to immediately access the object in error (for example page, script, general calculation, ...) showing the property concerned.

Interactive Cross-Reference

X Vision's truly interactive cross reference allows you to precisely pinpoint the use of an item in each X Vision module and to open the configuration immediately with just one click! It is also able to produce printable project documentation and to highlight any references to undefined items.

Remote Alarm

A real multimedia sub-system for real-time notification of alarms to the personnel in charge through various transmission media: SMS, e-mail, telephone messages, fax, audio diffusion. A real intelligent alarm sorting center, always active, suitable for unattended systems.


X Vision has one of the most advanced schedulers on the market, able to manage the commands subject to hourly programming with extreme flexibility. Peculiar feature is the management of the individual days of the week, divided by month, and holidays. This feature makes it particularly effective in building automation applications.


The X Vision product suite offers a convenient and effective report generator (optional), integrated into the scada architecture, which allows the design and execution of reports.
The reports produced are of the "snapshot" type, that is, they photograph and format the realtime data when the report is activated, and then immediately print them and / or record them on RTF files.

Operating Systems

X Vision was designed to run on Microsoft's client and server operating systems:

  • Windows XP SP3 *
  • Windows XPe *
  • Windows Vista Professional *
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 8.1 Professional
  • Windows 8.1 Industry Pro Embedded
  • Windows 10 Enterprise, Pro, Home
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows server 2012 (*) the web client is not supported with these versions.  

Minimum hardware requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for acquisition stations (servers) and for standard network clients are:

  • x86 CPU at 500 MHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • HDD / SSD at least 1 GB free (x86) or 2.1 GB free (x64)
  • 1 USB port available
  • 1 network port if connected to the LAN or other network device

Note: The specific configuration is affected by the selected operating system, the application, the number of web and standard clients and any additional features.

Minimum Webclient station requirements

Virtually any device / processor with a modern browser capable of supporting HTML5, SVG, JavaScript.

Updating licenses by email

Licenses can be updated quickly, simply by sending an email from anywhere, without making and / or waiting for a new security dongle. A special utility allows you to import the update file (contained in the email) into the security dongle, immediately enabling the required options.

OPC Client

Thanks to OPC technology, connectivity to the field can be extended through third-party OPC servers. X Vision implements the OPC client DA functionality, capable of interfacing with all OPC servers available on the market.

Communication driver

Communication drivers allow bi-directional data exchange between scada and field devices, plc or control units. Our drivers have been designed to communicate efficiently and have communication statistics to solve connection problems.


X Vision shares its hmi interface to multiple PC stations thanks to its network architecture. The X Vision network consists of a server (acquisition) station on which the real-time database is hosted and which acquires data from the plc through the communication drivers, and of client stations that allow multiple operators to operate as if they were on the acquisition station.

Web Client

Web Client represents the web evolution of the platform and combines advanced web technologies with the robust Scada platform of X Vision. X Vision web client uses only vectorial web technologies (such as SVG) for the web visualization of the synoptic pages, with the advantage of being able to run virtually on any fixed or mobile device without the installation of any software or app and therefore without any configuration!