We listen to the client

It all starts with dialogue with the customer. The customer uses our product and benefits from it. This work leads the customer to understand more than any other what are the functionalities that may improve its work and the quality of the result. On the other hand, we want the customer to get the maximum benefit and maximum satisfaction from our products. For this reason our efforts are focused on understanding, even through interviews, the needs of our customers, their difficulties and what they want.

We think big

Customer requests are collected and studied thinking big, that is to say, to obtain a generalized solution able to include as many cases as possible and to grow over time. Initially we realize only one part of the whole, the one that solves the primary demand, but we structure the software in order to keep the roads open to a wider solution.
With this philosophy in mind our product has grown steadily over time, without revolution but through the addition of functionality and maintaining the greatest possible compatibility between versions. The architecture of our product is modular. The modules communicate through an IPC (Inter Process Communication) mechanism thanks to which we are able to add and modify modules without interfere with the other modules!

Passion and competence

Technological challenges can be overcome thanks to competence but only together with a great passion for technology. Passion is the thread that guides us and always helps in the ideation, design and implementation of all our software. We want our product to meet and exceed the needs of our customers!