xvisionIOT resources

documentation, tutorial, demo, white paper


Explore xvisionIOT features

xvisionIOT at a glance (PDF - 299 KB)

Discover the extraordinary xvisionIOT possibilities for Industry 4.0

xvisionIOT for Industry 4.0 (PDF - 245 KB)


Learn how to configure xvisionIOT in just a few simple steps

Quick Start (PDF - 384 KB)

Runi xvisionIOT in a Docker container (ARMv7)

Running xvisionIOT on Docker (PDF 552 KB)

Learn how to build a simple two-way Industry 4.0 project

Easy Industry 4.0 - sample project tutorial (PDF 331 KB)

Explore how xvisionIOT connects to node-RED on Hilscher netIOT

Connecting nodeRED on Hilscher netIOT Edge (PDF 445 KB)

Platforms for OEM

Crickets Automation meets Siemens

Siemens SIMATIC IOT2000

Hilscher netIOT
Kunbus Revolution PI
Telestar Smart-U


Web technologies for Digital Twin (PDF 1.1 MB)