Always connected and efficient buildings

The careful management of the buildings, their electrical systems, the monitoring of alarms and measures is what a building manager has most to heart, allowing him to optimize consumption and at the same time reach excellent levels of service.

xvisionIOT allows to integrate with PLC and control unit of construction and domotics, to distribute information via the web and to allow analysis on the sampled historical data.

Ideal for chain of stores: a standard and low-cost solution for each store, with the ability to centralize the collection of consumption and alarm data for global analysis, identify and reduce waste.

The maintainers and operators of the plants can access all the systems at any time and from anywhere, simply from their smartphone. In addition, our app simplifies your work by keeping the access data for each store in one convenient address book.

xvisionIOT is installed on Siemens IOT2040, a gateway that can be easily mounted in electrical panels, being intended for DIN rail mounting (occupies 8 units) or wall mounting. The operating range is 0 ° -50 ° C.

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