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27 febbraio 2019

Modern HMI & Industry 4.0

IIoT redefines the concept of machine supervision

The typical machine supervision is carried out with an operator panel, fixed to the electrical panel and often unable to communicate with IT systems. On the contrary, the operator needs ...

On the contrary, the operator needs to move around the machine and simultaneously view the measurements and the states to check their setup operations.

Furthermore, the modern factory requires great flexibility to extract information from the machine and dispatch it where required in different ways.

Le soluzioni tradizionali evidenziano così i propri limiti e non sono più all’altezza delle nuove necessità.

The traditional solutions thus highlight their limits and no longer live up to new needs. Fortunately today the new disruptive technologies open up new scenarios that revolutionize machine control, solving the problems highlighted. Let's see how.

The new hardware...
Here's what you need:

  • a tablet
  • a Siemens IOT 2020 (or other equivalent hardware)

... and disruptive software
Thanks to xvisionIOT it is possible to implement - with common and low-cost hardware - a complete webHMI able to offer control of the machine on the move, with a modern and engaging graphic interface, much more than a dashboard!

Not only. Other machine parameters can be monitored, recorded and transferred to central systems, other operator interfaces can be set up for maintenance personnel and managers, with statistical operating data and KPI / OEE.

It is possible to carry out two-way communication and implement Industry 4.0, to dialogue with MES, to remotely control the machine and to launch tweets or messages via Telegram.

Do not lose ground, innovate
Contact us now, we will happy to show you how our technologies can change the way of supervision and Industry 4.0. You can call us at +39 0322 836020 or write to sales[at] We will be pleased to illustrate how our products effectively solve the real problems of supervision.

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