Anywhere, anytime, any device!

While operators and managers are engaged in their tasks at different locations, X Vision Web Edition helps improve efficiency by enabling them to monitor remote processes and promptly help local colleagues solve plant and machine issues. All this from anywhere, at any time and from any device!

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Sharing and collaboration

X Vision Web Edition is the HMI / SCADA solution that allows operators to act in a more flexible and reactive way to system problems. Technicians can access data at any time and wherever they are, thus being able to promptly help their colleagues on site thanks to information sharing.

Advanced Web Technology

X Vision Web Edition utilizza solo tecnologie web avanzate basate su standard come HTML5, SVG ed ECMA Script approvati da W3C, il consorzio che regola la rete. Ecco perché la nostra soluzione client richiede solo un browser moderno.

Unique solution for any device

Our web clients do not require installation of apps, applets or java plug-ins, Flash, Silverlight and do not depend on the underlying operating system: they require only a modern browser and can therefore be executed virtually on any smartphone or tablet or desktop.
Our technology stands out from the others because draw pages in the browser using SVG vectior technology, requiring minimum use of the server cpu and allowing high scalability even on computers with limited performance. This allows fast, accurate graphics without loss of definition even in zoom, and with the same color depth, identical one by one to that of X Vision.

The Benefits of Vector Graphics

Thanks to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) our client is able to faithfully reproduce the graphics of the pages drawn in X Vision, maintaining both their appearance and functionality. The user experience remains unchanged and operators are always at ease, with increased satisfaction and reduced training.
Vector graphics reduce page load time (only the code is transmitted, not the bitmap) and significantly reduce the CPU load on the acquisition station to the full advantage of scalability.
Vector graphics are independent of screen resolution, and on multitouch screens, zoom without definition loss.

Verified browsers

The HMI interface of X Vision Web is able to run on virtually any fixed or mobile device with a modern browser, regardless of the underlying operating system.
Crickets Automation has checked X Vision Web running on main browsers on the market. Below is a list of verified editions:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11 for Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox for Windows
  • Google Chrome for Windows
  • Safari for Windows
  • Safari for iOS
  • Dolphin for iOS
  • Mercury for iOS
  • Opera Coast for iOS
  • Chrome for Android
  • Dolphin for Android
  • Mozilla Firefox for Android
  • Mercury for Android
  • Chromium OS
  • UBUNTU (Chrome)