X Vision mobile App

Your plants at your fingertips

Accessing your systems has never been so easy! Directly from your smartphone, with just one tap, you can immediately access your systems, displaying the synoptic pages in real time and sending commands.

Although Crickets Automation web technology requires only a normal browser, thanks to this app it will be much more convenient to maintain a list of systems and access them conveniently. No URL, user and password to remember, everything is stored in your smartphone and therefore remains always at your fingertips.

Eye-catching and easy to use

The app Vision X has been designed to be easy and pleasant to use. Each plant can be distinguished by a different color icon (antennas Crickets logo). In this way it is possible to associate a color to a plant or to a category of plants, or simply select a preferred color that is the same for all.

Simple and intuitive configuration

The app is instantly configurable with just a few taps and data. Choose an icon, set a description (for example "Production Line L01"), indicate the URL, user and password.

The app handles both http connections and https protected connections (the same ones used in home banking).

Quick and Full View

You can see the same pages as your desktop application, or pages designed specifically for mobile viewing.

You do not need any customization or adaptation: what you can see and control in the browser you can do it in the same way from the app.

Advanced technology

Our app was developed with Microsoft's cross platform technology Xamarin SDK , used by leading companies worldwide.
Thanks to this technology, the app, now available for Android, will soon be available also for Apple iOS.
For more information visit www.xamarin.com